Picking up some food - along the Comm. Ave. median

Jef Taylor reports finding some beach rose along the Green Line on Comm. Ave. by BU. And them's good eatin':

They were quite tasty, I suspect they had been through a frost, which is known to improve their flavor.



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    What an idiot

    Unless you enjoy poisoning yourself, why would you eat food exposed to constant car exhaust grown in soil saturated with arsenic from road salt? No thanks.


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    If you avoided food exposed to those things then you would be very hungry.

    I also though it was foolish

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    I am a dedicated urban forager/harvester, but beach roses are so common and abundant in this area that there's absolutely no reason to browse them from in a location not just chemically but also physically dangerous. That stretch of Comm Ave is one of the most dangerous to pedestrians in the entire city.

    If you are jonesing for beach rose hips, there's a huge and healthy 'hedge' of it growing along the platform of the Roslindale Village commuter rail station.


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    A lot of the people at those T stops who need to dispose of cigarettes, spit, or vomit do so into those roses.

    None of those substances much of a health risk

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    ...once they've gone into the soil and been broken down into constituent compounds. Otoh, lead, arsenic, and impacts with 3000 lbs objects traveling at high speed are not just 'icky sounding', but actually dangerous.

    A matter of magnitude

    Vehicle exhaust no longer contains lead, and the rest will either irritate plants (but not be poisonous) or feed the plants. The arsenic in road salt would likely be negligible if this were from a raised median container.

    Also a matter of how much you eat - and this really won't be a huge part of a person's diet anymore.

    Little doubt that the 3000 lb objects are dangerous.