Imagine the fare

NYC cab in the South End

CraigglesofDoom presents us with today's mystery: What was a New York City cab doing in the South End today?



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I assumed as much.

Thinking about the fare was funnier. I'd think that taking the lucky star would be a better deal though - unless he can write off the travel on his taxes since it's a taxi.

I agree with Swirly

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It's not the first time I've seen a NYC cab in Boston over Thanksgiving weekend.

Hopefully they brought enough

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Hopefully they brought enough cash since the credit card machine won't be working when they reach their destination here!


  1. An amusing story.
  2. Something said or done for amusement.
      It was a joke!

Dear NYC,

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Give the MBTA their logo back!

For decades, NYC taxis had

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For decades, NYC taxis had the fare printed on the doors.

Who's the idiot graphic designer who thought it would be better to replace it with a tiny picture of someone hailing a cab, and the text "Metered fare, Flat fare to JFK"?

Imagine the fare

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That is not the color of the T logo. The MBTA T logo is a black T with a white background.


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Boston has a flat rate book which you can Google and look up any community in Massachusetts and major cities in the Northeast (complete with directions). If it was a Boston cab going to NYC, the fare would be $700.80. For NYC, long distance fares are negotiable, but this should give you an idea of what's expected.

I wonder

With an 8-10 hour round trip, would that $700 compare favorably with a standard shift - with potentially less hassle?

Probably be more fun anyway.

As the woman in the above cited article mentioned, she talked religion and philosophy with the cabbie during their drive.

I'd imagine that it'd be pretty comparable.

Cash cab!

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Cash cab!