Convicted rapist charged with Beacon Hill rape


Boston Police report arresting Anthony Williams, 45, on charges he forced his way into a Beacon Hill apartment, raped its occupant and stole some of her possessions early on Nov. 10.

Williams, convicted of a 1996 rape in Salem, is scheduled for arraignment tomorrow in Boston Municipal Court. According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, Williams was already wanted for failing to register as a sex offender for that case as well as for a separate assault-and-battery charge.

In 2002, the Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled Williams had gotten a fair trial.

Innocent, etc.



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castrate him.

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castrate him.

Forget that

Just put him down like a wild rabid animal. He offers nothing positive to society, and keeping him alive is a waste of valuable resources. Someone somewhere will somehow argue he deserves another chance. So, neither will happen.