Downtown to lose Irish pub but gain a sports bar

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let the owners of McFadden's, 148 State St., sell its liquor license to the owners of a chain of sports bars.

If approved, the State Street Stadium Sports Bar & Grill would join similar bars in South Boston, Quincy and Waltham. The chain will pay $675,000 for the location, equipment and liquor license.




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Doesn't matter

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It's not like any of the yah-dudes who currently go there will even notice a difference.

And McFaddens is as much an Irish Pub as McDonalds is an Irish eatery.

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McFadden's was AWFUL near the end!

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My girlfriend's nurses unit had its Christmas party there last year and the place was just decrepit. Holes in the walls, the carpet was disgusting and the place was infested with fruit flies. My question is, how could that place go out of business?! It was always packed when it first opened. And they had cool televisions in the booths. I guess management just let it go to shit.

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