And now for our Jewish friends ...

The Brighton Mills Shaw's was playing Chanukah music this morning:

Right now the store is broadcasting Haveinu Sholom Aleichem!

Meanwhile, a local group is already focusing on Thanksgivukkah next year - when the two holidays overlap for the first time since 1918.



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Porter too

I heard the Dreidel song on Sunday at the Porter Shaw's.

Allston as well

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Allston Shaw's/Star has been playing Christmas/Hanukkah music since Sunday. It (quite unscientifically) seems there's about 1 Hanukkah song for every 4 Christmas songs. The playlist is well-balanced in terms of types of songs, so it's not annoying while you shop.

One year, they had a solid Halloween playlist including "Heffalumps and Woozles" and "Monster in the Mirror." Nice.

Could be worse...

I heard a smooth jazz version of Echo and the Bunnymen's "Killing Moon" last week at Kohl's. Talk about feeling old..


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Now there is a excellent reason to consider deep frying the turkey!!!