Citizen complaint of the day: Damn news copters

A concerned citizen on Beacon Hill complained after the Boylston trolley accident this afternoon:

Is the helicopter circling for the T accident really necessary?? I don't think so... it's not medflight just the news being overly obnoxious. Not safe for it to fly over heavily populated areas. I thought there were safety regulations?

The city quickly closed the case:

The city of boston does not have jurisdiction over media helicopters in the area. i believe permission is granted through the federal aviation administration.



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    Not safe to fly over heavily

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    Not safe to fly over heavily populated areas, or heavily wealthy areas? There are plenty of flights daily in heavily populated areas like east boston, dorchester (lots of helicopter training flights when I lived near franklin park), Winthrop, etc.


    This person should live in LA for a few weeks. They'll see what annoying helicopters are really like.


    Can't think of a song about LA that doesn't mention them.

    I doubt this person has been to NYC, either, where they circle around the taller buildings - although they have more heavily regulated small planes and copters in recent years.

    Safety regulations? Im sure

    Safety regulations? Im sure all of the pilots came up on Skyways and requested permission to enter & stay in Logan Class B airspace, and were given permission to be there. (of course, if you think its a threat to public safety, you go find the police chief and tell him he should request a temporarily flight restriction from the FAA, but those are very temporary).

    My non-technical response to this is: really? Helicopters fly over the city all day & night long, and theres plenty of other loud sounds in the city too, why dont you complain about those?

    News copters

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    Are flown by trained pilots who have no real stake in the outcome of the story. Pilots have to follow the pilot rules, or they lose their license. It's in their self-interest to obey the rules, not the fidgeting reporter begging to fly into the tunnel to see the train up close.