Globe tries bloggish ads in print

John Carroll, who still gets ink on his fingers, reports on a new classified-ad-like thing in the Globe's G section: "Blog" posts from advertisers, complete with underlined blue hyperlinks (sadly, the Globe has yet to perfect that print-to-Web interface or figured out QR codes, so you'll have to type the URLs in yourself).



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Print-to-web interface

Speaking of the print-to-web interface, I got a reader survey from the Globe that appeared to be asking whether I was aware of the existence of video links in the print edition, and whether I found them useful.

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I got the same survey. I

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I got the same survey. I don't understand what good links will do in a printed newspaper. Am I missing something? Are we supposed to write down the links for future reference?

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Get off my lawn

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Back in my day, we not only had to read URLs off a printed page and type them in by hand, but we even had to MEMORIZE them.

*is beaten by an actual geezer*

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QR Codes?

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Oh, please. That technology caught on about as well as CueCat ads.

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