Two new beer and wine licenses approved in South Boston

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved requests from a high-end deli and an art studio to sell beer and wine.

American Provisions on East Broadway won the right to sell "artisan" wine and craft beers, although it could face further opposition fron a liquor store across the street, whose owner has hired a lawyer to fight the deli's alcohol bid.

Urban Art Bar on Old Colony Avenue won the right to serve beer, wine and cordials to people taking its evening art classes.



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Do you know what legal avenues of challenge are available to the Hub at this point? I guess I was under the impression the Licensing Board was the end of the road.

Designed for denial

Made me look. Surely litigious sorts, particularly those inclined toward monopolistic or anti-competitive aims, can and do try civil suits. Nothing prevents a frivolous suit; it's just likely to lose.

The MA law touching on this (CH138 S67) anticipates only that folk in the process will appeal when the board does not grant a license, not when it grants one you don't want someone else to have.

In addition to court ...

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There's also the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission. Her lawyer seemed to be setting the ground for that at the licensing-board hearing with two issues:

There's a guy listed on some of AP's paperwork as an owner who isn't an owner (both licensing agencies are big on ownership issues). AP's lawyer said that was just, at worst, an oversight, the guy started out with some ownership piece, but no longer does.

AP failed to notify a church or school within 500 feet of their location when they filed for their license. AP's lawyer acknowledged that - and said that's why AP withdrew its initial application, so that it could file a new one after properly notifying that church or school (sorry, can't remember which it was; don't have my notes with me).

Church and state

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AP failed to notify a church or school within 500 feet of their location when they filed for their license.

Wasn't this requirement deemed unconstitutional, or is it simply a notification and no decision power?

Didn't Grendel's Den sort of settle this matter years ago?

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AP failed to notify a church or school within 500 feet of their location when they filed for their license

I know it was a different matter, but really.

Why should a church get special notification over other other organizations in the community? Churches are private clubs that should have no more stake or interest in the matter than the local Elks or Rotary Club, nor should they have any more or less standing than the other clubs in the area. The rule requiring a special church notification is inappropriate and ripe for Constitutional challenge.

Tynan School

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That's who they forgot to notify. So they did.

New Grape Added to the Hub's Wine selection

The Hub just added a new type of grape to their extensive selection of Paul Mason, jug and box wines. We call them "sour grapes" here in the South Boston wine scene. Tastes great paired with Keno tickets, and finished with wasted lawyer fees.

So mature.

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You should be writing for David Letterman

Great news for those of us

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Great news for those of us who like high end beer and wine. No more going over to Social Wines on the #9 bus!

- The Original South Boston Yuppie (well before the Overlord!).