Paris of the '90s becoming Hollywood of the whatever we call this decade?

Somerville city officials are considering creating a city film board to handle the growing number of requests from movie and TV-show producers to film there:

"We seem to be getting more inquiries and the crews tell us it's because they love the City, the residents and businesses are welcoming, and they enjoy contributing to the local scene," said Somerville Deputy Director of Communications Jackie Rossetti. "They also like our infrastructure and buildings."






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Worstever was the Paris of the 80's

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they love tax breaks and easy permits/wide shutdowns

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"the crews tell us it's because they love the City"

Haha, riiiight.

Studios are always looking for the cheapest cities to film in, where they can get the biggest tax breaks and the most "cooperation" - aka making resident's lives hell. Boston probably was a great place to shoot, but maybe they've started pushing back on permit requests.

Hope you all enjoy having your bus routes shut down/rerouted, major streets getting closed for hours, etc. Talk to your councilors NOW.

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