Police: Woman swings folding knife at other passengers on Riverside trolley

ClaytonA Boston woman used a knife to threaten passengers on an outbound Riverside trolley until she was removed by MBTA and Brookline Police at Brookline Hills last night, the T reports.

Transit Police say Madina Clayton, 52, sat across from a man on a trolley around 9:45 p.m. and took out a folding knife, which she began opening and closing while staring at him:

The victim became uncomfortable and stood up to change seats, Clayton also got up from her seat pointed the knife at the victim and stated "Are you looking at this M***** *****R !" Another witness stated Clayton attempted to engage another male (separate from above) in conversation, when the male got up to change seats Clayton followed him with the knife opened. Other witnesses stated Clayton "haphazardly" swung the knife at yet another male victim as he was disemabrking the trolley.

The trolley driver stopped the train at Brookline Hills and kept the doors closed until police arrived, according to Will Duffy, a passenger on the train.

Clayton is scheduled for arraignment in Brookline District Court on a charge of assault by means of a dangerous weapon, police say, adding it turns out she was also wanted on a warrant for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon in Boston.

Duffy adds he was on his way home from a screening of "Reservoir Dogs."

Innocent, etc.



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God love her

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Was on the outbound D line about 45 minutes earlier. Got off at Reservoir. The vast majority of passengers are non-ghetto, so it must have been an amusing sight as 99% of folks tried to avert her gaze by staring at their phones. Guess I dodged a bullet.


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The vast majority of passengers are non-ghetto

Maybe I can help.

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I think anon might have been referring to the fact that many of the people who regularly ride the D-branch are white and relatively well-off.

That, at least, is probably a true statement.

Crossing Huntington

When I worked at the foot of Mission Hill, I would occasionally wander over to Brookline Village to get lunch and shop.

Of a summer's day, I found myself under rather intense scrutiny by shop clerks ... seems that I had committed the unspoken sin of being swarthy and curvy and wearing a brightly colored sundress (I'm culturally white, but I do get rather tan in the mid- to late-summer).

I had Crossed Huntington.

So, within a few days time, I returned to that particular boutique with two ladies who I knew would like their style - both highly educated coworkers of mine who happened to hail from wealthy Mexican families.

It was sure fun watching them scramble to keep track of all of us ;-) ... although my friends did buy quite a bit of stuff.

Yes, us basement dwellers

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Yes, us basement dwellers never have any life experience ... COMING MOMMY!

Sad: Not her first assault charge.

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Woman arrested for Assault w/knife
There was also a warrant in existence for her arrest issued from Boston Municipal Court for A&B w/a Dangerous Weapon. http://www.tpdnews411.com/2012/12/woman-arrested-f...

Daily Incidents for December 28, 2006

Officer on Walking Beat Arrests Suspect in Dudley Triangle
This morning at about 11:09am, an officer assigned to District 2 observed a female strike an unknown male in the chest and proceed to lift her shirt exposing herself in front of the Liquor Store. Police arrested Madina Clayton, 46, of Roxbury and charged her with Indecent Exposure. She’ll be arraigned in the Roxbury District Court.


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Meanwhile at Kenmore

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The media is all doing stories on this deranged lady with a pocketknife and Kenmore explodes into a battle between concert crowds with several injuries and no arrests.