Tugboat catches fire, BFD divers get stuck in traffic

The tugboat Liberty suffered an engine fire off Georges Island shortly after 8 a.m. today - just as a man was falling off a fishing boat.

The Boston Fire Department promptly summoned its dive team, which promptly got stuck in traffic because it's not based on the water. However, the Coast Guard reports the fire was declared out before the BFD marine unit got out to the tugboat and that a passing boater picked up the person in the water.

UPDATE, 9 a.m.: Tug was able to get to East Boston under its own power, with an escort by the BFD marine unit. The Globe has more.



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    Adam, you're mixing two

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    Adam, you're mixing two different incidents. A man fell off a different boat, and was pulled back onto that boat by his son.

    Water cannon on front of tug boat

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    It's for firefighting.

    Also used when important ships are in port. A couple of the boats will give the ship a nice festive spray of water.