The T's expansion (and shrinkage) during past 117 year

How has the MBTA changed / grown / shrunk during the past 117 years?

Check out the visualization below to see the birth of the Green Line in 1895, the expansion of the Red Line through 1985, and the "repositioning" of the Orange Line. Descriptions of the changes included under the map.

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Neat animation. One thing that it shows is that the MBTA over the years has sacrificed the density of its city coverage for suburban reach.

Really? They got rid of the

Really? They got rid of the underused Atlantic Ave El, and the Arborway line through Jamaica Plain, which was replaced with buses running the same route. Did you want them to take property a la Southwest Expressway to build new city lines? Or are you one of those people who's against extending lines out to wealthy Braintree and Medford?


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We Uhubbers love us some vanshnookenraggen. This was originally posted last April.

Pretty nice, although the

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Pretty nice, although the Silver Line doesn't quite belong in the same category, and the map doesn't show the emergency and disappearance of many streetcar lines.