Have a smartphone?

I'm slowly wending my way through a major upgrade to the software that runs Universal Hub (for the CMS types: From Drupal 6 to 7).

You hopefully won't see much difference in the site - it'll still be your basic blog format - unless you connect with a mobile device. One of the things the new templates let me do fairly easily is have pages show up differently depending on what sort of device you're using to call up the site; I'm thinking it'd be nice to have smartphone users get readable type right away, rather than having to resize the page first. If you want to take a look, point your smartphone at


Let me know what you think! The URL will also work with traditional PCs and laptops, but with the caveat that that version has a fair amount of work left.



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    sandbox from september?

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    I followed the link to the d7 sandbox. Looked pretty much what you'd expect, although the most recent stories were from Sept 23rd. Perhaps that's intentional: you don't point a firehose at a sandbox, bad things happen.


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    It's not the live database (which can't be used by the new software, anyway), but a copy from, yes, Sept. 23. Once I get the "theming" done, the next step would be the actual migration - the backend stuff all seems to mostly work.


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    Will figure out what needs to be changed to resize the video.

    Tested it out

    Looks great on a mobile browser. Comments easier to read too.

    Not bad

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    There could be a better discrimination between the end of the main column and the start of the right-hand bar contents (at least on the iPhone).

    Would probably be enough

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    Just kept hitting the first ad and scrolling down to see if there was anything more past it out of habit from other sites.

    Looks pretty good

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    Just two comments, one probably totally irrelevant;

    1) I found The Log In/Register link at the top a little difficult to get at...Just a little bit, however.

    2) I couldn't log in. I'm guessing this is because this isn't really attached to the UHub db?

    But over all, much easier to read! Thanks!

    Thanks, and hmm ...

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    You *should* be able to log in. What happened when you tried? Any error messages?

    Login error

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    Yeah "Sorry, unrecognized username or password."

    I've tried a couple of times just to confirm that the problem isn't sausage fingers...

    Me too

    I had the same issue logging in...it won't recognize my account. Aside from that, though, the site looks great! The text is very readable on my BlackBerry.


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    Obviously I need to do some more testing on logins!

    Login problem solved

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    The issue was not with the user table in the database, but the hardcoded link to the login page, which is taking you to gaffin.com/user, rather than gaffin.com/d7/user

    You couldn't log in because the first URL is for Yet Another Site (a nascent catalog of Gaffins everywhere) that doesn't use the Universal Hub database. This won't happen once the new UHub goes live.

    Not for me

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    Login link at top of www.gaffin.com/d7 not working on my ipod touch 4gen yet. Same error as above - link still directs to www.gaffin.com/user, not www.gaffin.com/d7/user.

    When I manually enter www.gaffin.com/d7/user, it takes me to the sb'ed Uhub login page, but it's not sized correctly for the smaller screen.

    Also, if I try to reply to a post, I can't select text from the screen - makes it much harder to ct/paste/quote from parent post in reply.

    Looks good but...

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    Both the mobile test page and the main UHub site are painfully, unusably slow on my Android phone (HTC phone, Sprint carrier, both stock and Dolphin browsers, on which web performance generally seems OK). I'm talking load times measured in minutes. During much of that time none of the page (other than maybe header) is visible, which suggests maybe a server-side buffer flushing problem to me but I don't pretend to know anything about Drupal.

    Any other Android users having similar problems?

    Thanks and yikes!

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    I have all caching turned off (makes it easier to mess around with CSS; otherwise, I'd have to hit a cache-purging button every time I made a CSS change), so the site should seem slower than it would in production, but not that slow. I'm also using an HTC phone (but on Verizon), haven't noticed a major lag time, but as with the login issue, it's something I'll need to spend some time on before switching over.


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    It works on my ancient Nokia phone. Most sites don't recognize it.

    feature request

    more a feature request than a comment on the site redesign, but I'd love if the login page was removed and users could log right in on any uhub page they're looking at.

    Is there a technical reason that the user/pass login is on its own page?

    No technical reason

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    I just don't like seeing the name/password box on every page. But there's a way to have a login box pop up when you click on a link to the login page and then put you right back on the page you were on. I'll look into that.

    While we're on feature requests

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    What he said was good. Do you know why the site takes forever to load the "Track" page under account?

    Also, trying to page through listings of old posts gets tiresomely slow to load after a while. I'm assuming this is a DB issue.


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    Will "we" be automatically sent to the mobile site if we're connecting through facebook mobile?