Kid shows up at Burke High School with gun, ammo

Boston Public Schools report the arrest of a 16-year-old student at the Burke this morning after administrators and police found him carrying a gun and "a small amount of ammunition." School Superintendent Carol Johnson says, "This type of conduct will not be tolerated."

Boston Police report school officials originally searched the kid because they thought he had a stolen cell phone.

The unloaded firearm was found in the student's school bag. Additionally, a search of the student enabled officers to see and seize several rounds of ammunition.

He was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition, police say.

Suffolk County prosecutors asked for $50,000 cash bail in Dorchester Juvenile Court; Judge Leslie Harris set bail at $1,000 and deferred action on a third charge - unlawful possession of a firearm with a defaced serial number. However, Harris did order the teenager to stay at home and wear a GPS tracking device should he make bail, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports, adding he is due back in court Dec. 17.

Complete statement from BPS:

A 16-year-old student was arrested this morning at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School after school administrators and school police officers discovered the student was in possession of a hand gun. The fire arm was not loaded, but the student was in possession of a small amount of ammunition. After discovering the weapon, school administrators followed appropriate procedures to ensure the safety of all students and staff in the school building. The school day will continue without interruption. All parents of students attending the school were notified of the incident this morning.

"These types of incidents are rare in our schools and that only makes today more frightening and disappointing," said Superintendent Carol R. Johnson. "The Burke is a great high school, and we will work closely with the Boston Police and our own school police to ensure it remains a safe and welcoming learning environment for all students and staff. This type of conduct will not be tolerated."



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It's a good thing Boston

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It's a good thing Boston School Police aren't allowed to carry guns (sarcasm)

I don't really want to hijack

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I don't really want to hijack this thread, and, there is NOTHING you can say that will change my point of view. This isn't the first, and definitely won't be the last, gun taken from a student by an unarmed officer. Why should only the criminals have guns?! I'm guessing when an armed juvenile is confronted by an officer there is an excessive amount of panic/desperation. I'm glad this ended peacefully, but, it would be foolish to believe this will always be the case in the future. Then there are the school shootings...remember, when seconds count the (armed) police are minutes away. If their uniform says POLICE they should have all the tools needed for the job. I've never understood a "the Police don't need to be armed" mentality.

Clockwork orange

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Soon all the court street phonies will have to ride the orange line and take a bus to their new headquarters at Dudley. They will then have the chance to interact with their students who have turned the Orange Line into Clockwork Orange. By the way if the fight at Ruggles was BPS kids will they face discipline?

Re: Burke

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Unfortunately, yes. I taught at the Burke for a year. I never felt physically in danger but if I was a parent I would do everything I possibly could to make sure my kids didn't end up there.

There are some BPS high schools with good reputations (BLS, BLA, Fenway High School, Boston Arts Academy, Quincy Upper School, maybe O'Bryant) but the Burke seems to be the school where the kids whose parents don't care or don't know better wind up (or where the kids wind up after they've been expelled from another school).