Shots fired in Mattapan, bullet winds up in apartment

Boston Police are investigating gunfire around 11 a.m. on Gladeside Avenue that sent a bullet into a resident's apartment.



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no excuses: wear your bulletproof vest

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88% of gunshot accident victims wouldn't have died if they'd been wearing a bulletproof vest.

Remember, live safely:

-Don't go into dangerous neighborhoods
-Don't go out without your bulletproof vest on
-Wear high visibility clothing so that shooters can see you
-Stay in designated safe areas
-Follow ALL laws
-SHARE the city with shooters

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GREAT advice

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I completely agree that the Non-shooters have a sort of understood responsibility to share the city with shooters. It's like drivers who really should be more willing to share the road with bicyclists. Or entrenched parochial locals who should be more accepting of the yuppies and of gentrification in general.

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