Offered: 'Lightly used' sex furniture in Allston

Man, you know how those sex wedges are, taking up all that space. Craigslist ad of the week:

Hi! I ran "The Phoenix" adult section and had to write reviews on items for the paper. One of them that I've held onto for a while is the Liberator Black Label - Wedge Ramp Combo. It is lightly used so that's why it's free of course. I always felt like it's an expensive item that could be kind of fun but I have barely used it, and I have the feeling I won't use it much in the future. It takes up a good amount of space. You could use this as some kind of exercise ramp instead or as well.

I actually don't really want to meet the person it's getting donated to.. I just want you to write to me if you really think you are interested and I will put it out by my apartment building at a time that you wish to collect it. I am providing everything except the face mask because I use it for sleeping.

With a photo showing proper positioning of and on the furniture (with a model in her skimpy underthings).

Via Allston Rat City.



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      That's great

      By on

      The guy is so repulsed by anyone wanting this that he doesn't even want to set eyes on them when they come to get it.

      Good Point

      Could be a she, and a he or a she may not want to deal with people making assumptions about what they might like if he or she makes personal contact.