Offered: 'Lightly used' sex furniture in Allston

Man, you know how those sex wedges are, taking up all that space. Craigslist ad of the week:

Hi! I ran "The Phoenix" adult section and had to write reviews on items for the paper. One of them that I've held onto for a while is the Liberator Black Label - Wedge Ramp Combo. It is lightly used so that's why it's free of course. I always felt like it's an expensive item that could be kind of fun but I have barely used it, and I have the feeling I won't use it much in the future. It takes up a good amount of space. You could use this as some kind of exercise ramp instead or as well.

I actually don't really want to meet the person it's getting donated to.. I just want you to write to me if you really think you are interested and I will put it out by my apartment building at a time that you wish to collect it. I am providing everything except the face mask because I use it for sleeping.

With a photo showing proper positioning of and on the furniture (with a model in her skimpy underthings).

Via Allston Rat City.



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