Man has enough; shows LaRouchies what he thinks of their displays

The MetroWest Daily News reports a man who'd had enough of a LaRouchie display showing the president as Hitler picked up the card table and threw it in the street.



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      I've wanted to do that myself

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      If this guy sets up a Paypal account for donations for his legal expenses, I'll be the first one to kick in some $$.

      A hero

      This man has done what most of us have wanted to do for years, but our Yankee manners wouldn't let us. Well done, sir.


      FTA: ""I am a veteran and an American citizen and will not tolerate someone portraying the president of the United States as Adolf Hitler," Carl Lund told officers who handled the call Friday, according to Sgt. Demos Agiomavritis."
      "Scesny said police had received another complaint regarding the signs from a different veteran earlier in the day."

      OK, he's a vet. He didn't take an oath to defend the CIC. He took an oath to defend the Constitution.
      So, it's definitely not OK that he interfere with their right to peaceably assemble.

      He broke the law, not them. He did it, he's guilty.
      Anyway, if he's so concerned about portraying the CIC as Hitler, where was he during the Bush(itler) administration?


      The Larouchies have been around forever. Are they crazy? I dunno, the first ones I met were denouncing the British monarchy as the world's greatest band of drug dealers. Cited the Boxer Rebellion and all.

      They were entertaining.
      I actually ran into some Trotskyites in the late seventies. I complimented them on their perseverance.

      Still waiting for Syria to use those WMD Sarin shells that didn't exist in Iraq back in the day. After they did.

      Somewhat crazy, very cult like

      I had the pleasure of talking to these acolytes a few times during undergrad. I think I had this idea in my head that I could have a rational debate with them. But logic escapes them, they regurgitate baseless one liners and will use a bully crowd mentality to shout down any reasoned debate. I had a great chat with a woman during the DNC free speech cages...I mean free speech zone and the crutch of her argument was that I could do more to change the world by dropping out of college and yelling about conspiracies on the street then I could working in architecture.

      I also had a chance to chat with a few english speaking members in Berlin as I was heading to class one morning. I was new to the city, looking for friends, maybe a little naieve and wondered if perhaps the Euro version of the Larouchies were a little more rational. Far from it it turned out, it was more baseless shouting and crowd bullying, thankfully I was on my bike and started to pull away only to have one of them block my path. Long story short, my ambitions to study sustainable architecture was met with accusations and shouting of Al Gore's massive global warming conspiracy design to bring a new world order. So I should just drop out, come to one of their "parties" and see what their world was like. No thank you, I've heard stories of the group bullying they employ to breakdown new recruits and indoctrinate them to the movement. Scary stuff from these people.

      As noted above

      Spinorama gives just a few personal interactions with the Larouchies, experiences that mirror my own and pretty much everyone I've ever talked with about them. They are nasty, mean conspiracy nuts who take over sidewalks and are much more aggressive than "Save the Whales" or "Amnesty International" kids, and a lot angrier.

      My comment was less one of the Obama/Hitler mashup (which is really old, as you note) but on the fact that pretty much everyone wants to throw their crap out in the street and pull a little street justice on these d-bags at some point. I was applauding this guy who did it and will own up to the consequences.

      LaRouchies and 9/11

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      On September 11, 2001, at about 11:30am, a LaRouchie with a table set up outside the entrance of a T stop engaged me in a some anti-government conversation and was asking me to consider supporting LaRouche. I don't remember what exactly was his position, but I remember that they were asinine and offensive obnoxious for any day of the year.

      I then asked, "Haven't you heard about all those people in the Twin Towers?" And this is in those first few hours where the nation's best guess of people killed were erroneously numbered 10,000 people and above. He replied that he was aware of the situation and the people in the towers got what they deserved and it was all the more reason to rally against the government.

      I was left stunned and speechless. I walked away shaking in fury. I got one of those adrenaline rushes that make you feel like you got punched in the nose. It was the single most disgusting thing I have ever heard in person.

      To this day I regret not flipping over his table and causing a scene, even if it was his goal to provoke people. What a human piece of shit.

      EDIT: I also remember the guy smiling and just being so smug. It was almost as if the news of 9/11 was good news for his cause and he was excited about this game-changing event.

      Why is this LaRouche still around?

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      Why is this LaRouche still around? I remember him from years ago. When I see the LaRouche people in downtown Boston I am always amazed that such a washed up old 80-something has-been like LaRouche still manages to attract such young followers.


      He apparently swindled my friends Grandma out of hundreds of thousands of dollars when he was running for office. They are still shaking their heads at that one years later.


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      Hopefully you are just being sarcastic. If not, what other laws and social decorum should veterans be able to ignore that the rest of us are expected to follow?

      Well adjusted grown men don't throw temper tantrums over the display of fringe political literature. It's pretty hard to make Larouche supporters look like the sane ones, but this guy managed to do just that.

      Ha! Social decorum!

      Does one wonder about social decorum when you're filling a body bag with the pieces of a kid you went to high school with? How about when they're told the US will take care of them for their sacrifices and when they get home they're told they have to wait 9 months before they can see a VA doctor? Meanwhile if one of the old corrupt scumbags that sent them to war gets a cold an Admiral from Walter Reed sees them for free ASAP.

      Also, where in my post did I say I felt it was alright for veterans to commit any number of crimes? I said on this one the guy gets a pass in my eyes.

      Social decorum. You slay me.

      Solid Rant

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      I give it a 7 out of 10.

      You didn't say "on this one". You said "I, for one, think that this man, as a veteran, has earned the right...". Now unless you know more about this particular guy than the article states, all you know is that he self identifies as a veteran. Thus, you are stating that by virtue of being a veteran, you feel he as earned a special right. You can't lay it on me if you didn't write what you really meant.

      By the way, identifying as a "veteran" doesn't automatically mean you watched your buddies die and spent time in the shit. It could also mean you were aimless, joined up, learned to work on trucks and got busted down to private for being a drunk. Or about a thousand things in between. Veteran and Combat Veteran are two different things.

      With regard to our government and it's political wars and treatment of combat vets over the past 50 years: yeah, fuck that. We can agree there.


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      this is exactly what they desire; more press, attention, inquiries, etc... It's their right to express "their" opinion, best for us to ignore it.

      When I was at BU

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      One of these LaRouchies sneaked into a medium-sized classroom and covered the desks with their silly booklets. It was an undergrad Constitutional Law class on the First Amendment, and it turned into an exam question, ie: free speech vs. public figure vs. libel. All while we spent half the semester laughing at "Dick Cheney, Child of Satan IV." (Apparently, there were 3 other Children of Satan in our government.)

      We kind of found it amusing that these meth-mouthed morons were trying to educate us.

      Now, now. I'm sure that we

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      Now, now. I'm sure that we all know that there are way more than four children of Satan in the government.

      Not only did the article not

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      Not only did the article not mention the Larouchie connection, it also failed to mention that this was not a new phenomenon, as Bush, Clinton and other Presidents were given the same treatment by these kooks, and I've even heard of sightings of Romney=Hitler signs being used, presumably by the same bunch.

      update: D'oh, I just saw spin's comment.