Teacher's aide gets 1-3 for molesting special-needs students in his care

Lashawn Hill pleaded guilty today to indecent assault and battery on a child, lewd and lascivious conduct, and lascivious acts with a child for incidents involving a developmentally disabled young boy in Roxbury and a non-verbal autistic teen in Dorchester in 2011, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Prosecutors asked for three to five years; Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol Ball gave him the lighter sentence, but agreed with a request from prosecutors to require him to undergo treatment, stay away from anybody under 18 without supervision and not apply for any jobs that involve contact with children. On his release, he will also have to register as a sex offender.

The DA's office provided this account:

In the first incident in March 2011, Hill inappropriately touched a developmentally disabled boy age 6 or 7 inside a bathroom at the Martin Luther King Jr. School. The boy later disclosed the incident to his older brother and then to his mother.

In December of that year, a special needs teacher found Hill with a severely autistic, non-verbal, 14-year-old boy in a therapeutic recreation room at the Harbor Pilot School. Both Hill's and the boy's pants were unbuckled. It was after this incident that Boston Police and Suffolk prosecutors learned of Hill's earlier conduct with the younger boy.

Hill still faces separate larceny charges for allegedly stealing computers from the Harbor Pilot School.



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    1-3 years

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    When are we going to smarten up and realize that we have to either put rapists and child molesters away permanently or execute them? It's my opinion that there is no rehabilitating these animals and they should be completely removed from society.

    When people don't lie or misinterpret things

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    I've worked with kids for YEARS. Some of them are very good at misinterpreting the "bad touch" lessons their parents gave them, to the point of thinking a pat on the back is molestation.

    Some of them are also skilled little manipulators: I've seen kids threaten camp counselors with abuse allegations simply because they were told NO.

    It's sad for the kids who truly are victims.

    I Agree

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    There are circumstances,such as these,where guilt can't be completely assured. However,in cases proved by witnesses,DNA,or like this guy literally caught with his pants down(unbuckled),my methods of punishment would be best.


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    ... your ignorant, hateful opinion is not being used to pass laws.


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    So if you molest a child you only get 1-3 years, but if you sell a drug you get damn near 25!? This world is going to hell.


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    If you're a 30-something year old women and sleep with a 14 year old boy, you probably don't get any jail time, so 1-3 is better than that at least.