Forest Hills market opens Wednesday

The Harvest Co-Op on Washington Street, just south of the T station, is scheduled to open tomorrow at noon.



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    I've been wondering...

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    Are they closing the store on South st? Or are they going to operate both locations?

    Forest Hills is not co-opting South Street

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    Both are supposed to stay open. I'm guessing Forest Hills will reach a whole new market - all of those Rozzie types who'd never drive past Forest Hills to pick up some groceries.

    Ye us rozzie types have no

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    Ye us rozzie types have no need for pseudo hip grocery stores , we can easily go in the opposite direction to stop n shop, roche bros, village market, and many more. Nay, this will induce more JP types to venture out their little fantasy bubble. Just what we need is more yuppies swarming the area.

    What type of people would be

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    What type of people would be OK to be swarming in your neighborhood? Punk rockers? Gangsters? Mechanics? Retired folks?

    Of course we all know that

    Of course we all know that when they place all of the Arborway traffic on a surface road, only Rozzie customers will actually be able to get to the new market.

    Well, Rozi and southeastern JPers

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    People living on Forest Hill and in the Walk Hill Rd. neighborhood are considered JPers - even though they live closer (sometimes much closer) to Rozi Village than to JP's Centre Street retail stretch.

    I suspect that these are the people whom Harvest is expecting will be a major portion of the customer base for that new store (especially once the Casey craziness commences).

    Village Market is a joke!

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    Yes, Roslindale has a wealth of grocery store options all of which are terrible! Village Market is a joke of a grocery store. Harvest isn't exactly the bees knees of grocery chains either, but at least there will be good meat, bread, and cheese options (something the Village market can't offer) in the area now.

    Upscale bread, meat and cheese all available in the Square

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    Fornax. Tony's. And the cheese shop (next to the wine shop).

    Not grocery stores, but if the quality/type of stuff matters to you, so what? Roche Bros. has a ton of cheese and meat options (and the only almost-decent bagels) in the area if you really can't stomach more plebian supermarkets and don't want to walk two blocks from Tony's to the cheese place.

    Roslindale Square has

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    Roslindale Square has everything you could ever need in the way of groceries--even without ever setting foot in that grocery store. As a Jamaica Plainer I am totally envious! I come as often as I can and do a lot of my marketing there on weekends.

    It will be a shame when the great Casey over/under/by pass comes up/down/over/under and I can't reach it any longer.

    Why won't you be able to reach it anymore?

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    Can you please explain to me why you won't be able to reach Roslindale once the bridge comes down? Is waiting 3 extra minutes at a stop light (if you are driving), or a crosswalk (if you are biking) really a big enough of a deterrent for you to not shop where you like to shop?

    What a crock, anon

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    I imagine you're just a troll with delusions of hipdom, but it needs to be said that Village Market is just fine as a small supermarket. Not smug or top-heavy with chichi brands, but dependably stocked, clean, and they compare favorably on prices with other local supermarkets. And the management listens to customer input - eg, they carried a decent selection of organic veggies before any of the big chains got in on that trend, and ditto for gluten free products. Their bin goods selection is better than the local chains. It may not be hip enough for your tastes, but VM is a solid supermarket for a diverse middle-class working neighborhood.

    And as Adam pointed out, Rosi village is filled with smaller specialty markets that really excel - Tony's, Droubi (middle eastern supplies galore, but also good bagels, adam - just go before the weekend), all half dozen of the bakeries (each with different focus and specialties), Roslindale Fish market, the Cheese Cellar, Solera Wine, etc.

    Also - even though it's currently closed for the season, our farmers market is arguably the best one in the city. (keeping fingers crossed that the substation dev program will mean we get a year-round version of it soon).

    I love the local Rozzie stores

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    Don't get me wrong, I am a regular customer of the cheese store, Fornax, the thrift store, family dollar, etc etc. I love the local Rozzie stores- but I work until 6 in downtown Boston and getting over to Roslindale Square is not always easy. Fornax and the Cheese cellar both close at 7, so unless I only buy groceries on the weekend there is a slim to none chance of getting there before closing time during the week.

    I live off of Washington Street closer to Forest Hills but technically Roslindale so having a quality store open and directly on my way home is a plus. That it will have a decent and what I consider better selection than the Village Market is also something to be excited about. I consider entering Roche Bros a last resort, it is expensive and "to big" for me to come out feeling good about my purchases. I don't know how you can scream praise for the local Roslindale stores and in the same breath talk about a mega grocer like Roche Brothers as being somehow superior to Harvest.

    I consider entering Roche

    I consider entering Roche Bros a last resort, it is expensive and "to big" for me to come out feeling good about my purchases.

    You can't make this stuff up. I assume your computer was made in a single-room shop with beam rafters and old men using tiny hammers 'n stuff.

    OK, time makes sense

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    Roslindale Square has many fine qualities, but late hours for its shops is not among them.

    I wasn't saying Roche Bros is better than Harvest (never been to a Harvest, so I can't say), but was anticipating an argument about the inconvenience of walking a couple blocks to go among the various Rozzie stores.

    As for Roche Bros. being mega, yeah, they're bigger than Harvest, and yeah, the West Roxbury parking lot is not for timid drivers, but they're also local (the original Roche brothers, in fact, opened their first store right in Roslindale Square) and they do a lot for the local community (there's a reason West Roxbury has both a community center and a skating rink with the Roche name on them). That by itself is not a reason to shop there, but it's not like you're handing your money over to some uncaring Dutch conglomerate or something when you shop there.