Historic Allston mile marker no longer in captivity

A colonial mile marker that somehow survived being on Harvard Avenue for almost 2 1/2 centuries before being sheared in two last year is no longer surrounded by a fence thanks to efforts by preservationists and the city to repair it, set it back more and install a couple of protective bollards.



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    I honestly had no idea it was

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    I honestly had no idea it was a historic mile marker. It looked like a hunk of rock on the edge of the sidewalk and then it had a fence around it. While I do like the idea of preservation and think that it's important in theory, I do wonder what (if any) any aspects of the Allston of today that will seem worth preserving in the future.

    TIL they have street view in

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    TIL they have street view in Twin D on Google Maps
    Oh the times in which we live

    Sheer carelessness

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    One shears a monument in two. I believe the only time "sheering" is acceptable as a verb is when one is sailing one's yacht.

    'The Stone'

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    Remember asking my grandfather about 'the stone', probably around 1970 or so. He said, "Well, I grew-up in Brookline and Allston. Remember when more than drunks would use the dang thing when coming from the bars in Allston. Also, when I was young, I remember horses and dogs finding that dang stone convenient."

    My elderly aunt, now living on The Cape, said, "I remember waiting with my girlfriends when I was a teen waiting for boys to come out of the former Allston Library across the street. We use to tell the boys -- We'll meet you at the old stone."