State senator chases thief

The State House News Service reports state Sen. Mike Rush of West Roxbury chased after a guy who'd just nabbed a woman's iPhone on Beacon Street near the State House last night. Although the perp managed to scale a wall at the Granary Burying Ground and escape some swift senatorial justice, he did drop the phone, which Rush then returned to a grateful victim.



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Never try to outrun a guy

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Never try to outrun a guy named "Rush". Except Rush Limbaugh. I've seen slugs that could outrun him.

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Especially if he also happens

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Especially if he also happens to be a Lieutenant in the US Navy. Making West Roxbury proud, Mike!

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DiMasi, Wilkerson, maybe now Murray and DeLeo

But of course before that there were Finneran and Flaherty. Beacon Hill's probably always been pretty crimey.
Oh wait, you mean street crime. Probably also just a matter of perception.

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