Delays on Riverside Line after top of trolley catches fire

Don't worry - the fire at Woodland around 8:30 a.m. was quickly extinguished, but it did jam things up on the outbound side.



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    This is after

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    there was a delay for a disabled train at Brookline Village. And the Blue Line was delayed for a "police action" at Wood Island.

    Better than a bus

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    I'd rather see the roof of a trolley on fire, than the roof of one of those CNG buses.

    I'd rather see a CNG bus fire

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    Than a diesel bus fire. CNG is better designed for that event than a diesel tank.

    Diesel? Vas is das?

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    There may be many things to worry about on a Green Line trolley, but exploding diesel tanks aren't among them.

    Wasn't a T bus driver burned

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    Wasn't a T bus driver burned by hot gas while testing one of the CNG bus prototypes 10 years ago?

    And on the B-Line

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    There's been track work on the B-Line at Packard's Corner for the past two rush hour commutes: yesterday evening's and this morning's. I ended up taking a cab from/to work both times, but other than ENORMOUS crowds at the stations each time, I have heard absolutely no news about what's going on.