Tom Menino probably laughed his ass off when he heard this news

The Boston Business Journal reports part of the Everett site Steve Wynn took a look at for a possible casino is actually in Boston - whose mayor has long and loudly backed a casino at Suffolk Downs. Wonder how long it would take the BRA to draw up casino-only zoning that would cover only one particular part of East Boston?



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    I've always thought (and by

    I've always thought (and by always, I mean since like this past summer) that this area might be a good spot for The Revolution to build a new stadium. The idea of it being right on the water like that is cool to me. Kinda like the Philly stadium.

    Interesting. The article

    Interesting. The article says Wynn plans to just build on the portion of land that is all Everett, although it’s unclear how he plans to do so. It’d be a shame if this never even got off the ground because of the zoning. Speaking as an Everett citizen, I’d at least like to see what Wynn had in mind. And I think some healthy competition is always good, too.

    I've Often Wondered...

    I've often wondered about the sliver of Boston that juts into Everett. Property owners there undoubtedly pay taxes to Boston, but where do they get services like fire and police? How did Boston wind up with this land in the first place? It's property zoned for business. Why hasn't Everett considered a deal to glom on to these parcels? Why haven't landowners requested the Legislature to cede the land to Everett to simplify things?

    Why of why

    Wonder why?? Does anyone remember their history. Virtually all communities in New England have had a history of dumping 'inconvenient or offensive' locations at their respective local municipal boundaries. Boston is far from this occurrence.

    What community did this area evolve from -- Charlestown. Yes, Charlestown was a separate town before Boston annexed it during the beginnings of Town/City of Boston's major acquisitions in the 19th century.

    Did not the old 'El rumble up here ending in Everett. Remember. Lock up the history of Alford Street folks.

    When the shoe was on the other hand

    A few years ago, a developer wanted to build 1,200 units of housing at the old Stop & Shop warehouse in Readville. Only problem: Half the land is in Dedham, which provides no services to the parcel (you can't even get to it from Dedham) and didn't want more housing. The developer and Menino proposed paying Dedham to let Boston annex the land, but Dedham tried to hold out for more money and the project collapsed.