Man cries fowl over churlish Charlestown chicken

Chicken on the loose in Charlestown

Doug Aamoth warns us today:

BE CAREFUL: There's a chicken loose in Boston. It's in Charlestown. A kid is feeding it.

In e-mail, he adds:

I don't know if it's a chicken or a rooster, but the little girl feeding it cracker bits on Sackville Street said it was a chicken and she seemed to have more control over the fiasco than anyone. I'm just happy to still be alive.



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Matzo fast

But you did eventually get the ball rolling.

(Wrong holiday, I know, but I couldn't resist. Happy Hanukkah, Adam.)



The guy across the street from me used to have geese. One day, when they got out, it was pretty obvious they where were his. Said geese, which pack a wallop by the way, were escorted back onto his property.

In your case, chicken, a hapless pedestrian could plausibly deny knowing your owner. Things might end poorly for you today.

That assumes, however, that somebody knows how to pluck you. When was the last time a uhub reader plucked a chicken?