It's like never left

Meet, which delivers convenience-store stuff to you up to 2 a.m., if you live in the student-heavy sections of Boston, or Brookline, Newton Center, Newtonville or, of course, 02138 and 02139.

Via Boston Tweet.



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    But can you get

    A sega dreamcast at 1am? I definitely delivered one to a less than appreciative harvard student.

    Economic Recovery is at hand

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    When you can't get your lazy tush out of the house for a Vitamin Water and Chips at 12:45 in the morning and are willing to pay someone to do it, economic worry in the region has disapated.

    No love for the 02144?

    Lots of students up here, and much more densely populated than Newtonville or Chestnut Hill.

    Here either

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    Lots of students and young professionals in 02119.

    We've got love for all GBA

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    We've got love for all of GBA. We will get to your areas as quickly as we can!


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    I grew up there in the early 00s...couldn't pay me enough to deliver anything there at night...