When the Airing of Grievances goes horribly wrong

Around 9:30 p.m., police responded to Alpine Street in Mattapan, after a resident called 911 to report his roommate had just hit him with a pole.



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      his roommate had just hit him with a pole

      Doesn't that fall under the Feats of Strength?

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      A twofer?

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      A rare Festivus double?

      (H/t - my lovely wife for that one!)

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      My vote....

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      for headline of the year!

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      Ah! bad lighting on the porch...

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      Straight to the source!

      (The funniest part of this selection of the Festivus story is at the end there are all the little bits of concurrent stories closing out together, as that show frequently did. Crappy sitcom has just one of those stories as the whole show. Great writing.)

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