Sewing classes in the Boston area

Jocelyn asks:

Looking for sewing classes in the Boston area. Suggestions?


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sewing class

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The Stitch House on Dorchester Ave., just beyond Columbia Rd. and St. Margarets (or theBlessed Mother Teresa Church) has great classes; sewing for all levels as well as knitting and crocheting

The Singer store in Davis

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The Singer store in Davis (not sure whether they specialize in garment or quilting) and the Cambridge Quilt Store out by Fresh Pond (for quilting).

Check Deals Sites

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I see a lot of ads for knitting/sewing classes on Grouopon, Living Social, Amazon Local Deals, etc. You'll find out who offers these classes AND you might get a discount!

We're a crafty group

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I had no idea that UHub was such a creative place. I do cross stitch and thank everyone on this thread (no pun intended) for ideas on where I can go to get help with some of my projects.

Thanks everyone!

try: maude morgan school

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maude morgan school cambridge
stitch house on dorchester ave
sew fisticated in dorchester is a great place to ask