So many Virgins in bathtubs, so little time

In which a Somerville resident attempts to chronicle every last Mary on the Half Shell in Somerville.



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      Ah, Slummerville

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      City of White Trash, concrete lawns, a city government run by the mafia, and the only intelligent people are Livejournal whiners too caught up in drama to care.

      1985 Called

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      They would like their stereotypes back.

      "So many Virgins in bathtubs,

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      "So many Virgins in bathtubs, so little time"

      @adamg, apparently nothing is sacred. How is this suggestive title for your post not offensive? This is a weak attempt at humor at the expense of Christians.

      Did the referenced website's moniker ("Bathtub Marys...") somehow encourage you to take things further ("...virgins in bathtubs..." together with " little time")?

      Please explain.

      Ask your devout neighbor what they are called

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      The answer you will invariably get from that person who owns such a shrine:

      "Mary in a bathtub" or "Virgin on the Half Shell"

      Yes, even the people who install and reverently tend to their shrines call them that.

      Deal with it.

      @adamg, apparently nothing is

      @adamg, apparently nothing is sacred.

      This is America - we have freedom of speech. If someone finds Roman Catholic theology and iconography amusing, they have every right to share their amusement with like-minded people.

      devout anon and NotWhitey

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      devout banon, seriously? deal with it? maybe you should reread my post. it's the 2 terms together in adam's headline i object to, nothing else. And NotWhitey, I get free speech. Do you get being offended at anything?

      Sometimes you just gotta laugh at yourself

      And that includes your religion and other aspects of your life.
      Really, it's much healthier to just take a step back - and laugh. People will like you more, too.

      FYI, this Catholic finds nothing offensive with anything said.

      They're also often called

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      They're also often called "bathtub Virgins." Because she's the Virgin Mary, in an upended bathtub. (Though a number of the ones on that site are neither the Virgin Mary nor in a bathtub, for whatever that's worth.) Please calm yourself.

      Success in Somerville

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      Success in Somerville:

      • Vinyl siding
      • Paved front yard
      • Short chain link fence around front yard

      Gettin' fancy:

      • Concrete lawn ornaments
      • Religious concrete lawn ornaments
      • Decorative caps on short chainlink fenceposts

      Bonus points:

      • Holiday lights (up 365 days)
      • Dead plant hanging from porch
      • Ceramic cat affixed to outside all of house, somewhere up high

      Bathtubs are bathtubs

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      I can understand why some people might wish to display religious iconography on their property, but I never quite understood the widespread inclusion of the half bathtub, and I have been seeing these items since the 1960s. Is it supposed to create a domed effect of some sort? No matter what, painted blue or otherwise, they simply look like bathtubs.

      Yes, someone did get about

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      Yes, someone did get about 230, but the goal for this project is to walk down every street in the city and photograph every one discovered. Over 260 have been found in just three months, and only about half of the city has been covered.


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      i love this lost in blue collar time aspect of somerville, and cambridge. cool project. thanks for sharing