Where were these kids?


The Boston City Archives posted this photo of little kids. Can you figure out where and when it was taken? See it larger.



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    Paul Revere park, north end

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    Has to be after the 30's when they tore down the buildings that were
    there before the park was created.

    I agree

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    Due to the arches on the wall in the background - but without the trees and it seems fairly wide in this photo - have they built structures about where the cameraman is standing? Maybe with the trees it just seems smaller.

    Has to be either West or

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    Has to be either West or North End, due to the architecture around there. Shot in the dark.

    I believe the area is

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    I believe the area is officially known as the Prado, but it is the plaza behind Old North Church.

    Prado is an unofficial name for it

    The official name is Paul Revere Mall.

    (not "Paul Revere Park" as I erroneously posted above. That is the name of a park in Charlestown, next to the Charles River Dam.)

    Which is a pretty stupid name

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    Which is a pretty stupid name for the new park in Charlestown, since it's so easy to confuse it with the existing one in the North End.

    I agree North End

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    But I think it's over by N. Margin and Stillman Streets. There's a basketball court over there that I think used to be part of a school?

    Good call

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    http://goo.gl/maps/heImm might be the current Google Street View shot roughly from the same location and direction, but the only thing I'm going on is the row of garage doors in both views.

    Where is this park

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    North End, still there.