City councilor, city lawyer get into such heated argument somebody summons security guards

The Dorchester Reporter provides the blow-by-blow of a blowup over diversity in city government between Councilor Charles Yancey (Dorchester) and city attorney William Sinnott:

The back-and-forth between Yancey and Sinnott and shouts from audience members caused a City Council administrative staffer to call the municipal police force, which sent several officers up to the fifth floor to check in on the hearing.



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Arroyo's people probs had

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Arroyo's people probs had Whole Foods flashbacks.

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you don't "run a meeting the way you want to"

By on run it the way the council rules say.

Yancy pulled the same shit at the bike safety meeting. He actually said "I'm sure we'd talk forever about a subject we love" just a couple of hours after a kid died.

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No good guys

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So Yancey cherry-picked some people to lob allegations of racism, without allowing any time or opportunity for rebuttal. Sounds like a silly stunt to me.

...But doesn't give Sinnott leave to jump up and launch into a loud tirade.

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Shoe on the other foot

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“Frankly, I’m mystified as to why we’re left with two and a half minutes of time,” said William Sinnott

That's usually what happens to the members of the public at these meetings - back of the bus - we'll give you 120 seconds after waiting 1-3 hours to speak and then we'll completely ignore your testimony as we "deliberate" for 5 seconds and then promptly do whatever the mayor/city council/governor have told us to do.

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