The shame of the suburbs

Bridgewater Police report:

12/16/12 10:36am VANDALISM-HUBBARD LN Party reports reindeer lawn figures were placed in inappropriate positions.



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      I have it on good authority

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      that if they're the ones whose necks bob up and down, you can of course use them for the obvious thing involving a bobbing head, but you can also position the head so it's up against something and can't move, which then makes the rear half of the reindeer, um, move rhythmically...

      We've got a suspect

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      The Reindeer Fornication Prevention Task Force has some questions for you, Eeka. Can anyone confirm your whereabouts on the evening of Dec. 15?

      God Forbid!

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      Reindeer sex? What about the children?

      Oh, they should certainly see this more appropriate display!


      We deny everything!

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      We deny everything!