Harvard's Christmas present to one Allston neighborhood: Loading docks

The Crimson reports on a recent meeting of a Harvard/Allston community task force. It did not go well.



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    Nobody wants things like

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    Nobody wants things like maintenance facilities and what-not in their neighborhood; WHERE are they supposed to be located? They may not be as nice as a Starbucks, but they're a necessary part of modern life.

    I sympathize with local residents, but Allston in many ways is very lucky to have an institution like Harvard as a neighbor, neighborhood investor and even benefactor and employer. There are MANY places around the state, and the country, who would kill to be in Allston's position.

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    Harvard plans to move mail

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    Harvard plans to move mail services, the University IT Department, a Harvard police training site, landscape services, and storage space from 219 Western Avenue to Travis Street. Travis Street has light industrial buildings, though it connects to residential streets.

    Depending what exactly would happen at the new building, maybe it would have been better to put the vehicle entrance directly on Western Avenue. It's not like there's a lack of Harvard-owned frontage on Western -- that fancy wooden fence goes on forever.

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    It could be, depending on the

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    It could be, depending on the details.

    I don't care about early-morning truck backup beepers in my zip code, unless I can hear them from my bedroom.

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    And use silent engines, and

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    And use silent engines, and not roll any dumpsters around.

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