Serial bank robber relying on public transit?

Milton suspectMilton suspect.

UPDATED throughout the day.

A woman who robbed a bank in Milton Lower Mills on Monday may have struck again in Roslindale, West Roxbury and Beacon Hill today - and may have been foiled in Jamaica Plain by a bank employee who began giving her the eye. She apparently traveled from one bank to the next by MBTA bus.

AlertNewEngland reports reports the black woman dressed all in black with a sparkly black headband first struck a bank on Corinth Street in Roslindale and then another one on Centre Street in West Roxbury in the morning. After she left the Centre Street bank, she was spotted getting on an outbound 35 or 36 bus.

In the afternoon, she walked out of a Sovereign branch at Beacon and Charles streets on Beacon Hill with some cash. Later on, she walked into the Eastern Bank branch at 687 Centre St. in Jamaica Plain, but walked out before doing anything when an employee who had just seen a wanted poster with her photo on it began staring at her.

Her description matched that of the woman who robbed a Citizens Bank branch in Milton Lower Mills on Monday - after which she was seen walking across the bridge to Dorchester Lower Mills.

Suspect in Milton robbery



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PeterNice how do you let someone get away riding a bus? The thing stops every 1,000 yards or so.

Apparently not the first time...

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Wasn't there a case about a month or two ago where the police caught a bank robber getting away on a T bus in Somerville? I think it was the 91 bus, right in front of the Somerville Police HQ. As I recall, the stack of bills with the dye pack also had a GPS transmitter, and the cops were able to track the cash through Cambridge and Somerville, yes, stopping every 1000 yards or so.

1000 yards?

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LOL, if only, then buses might move a bit faster.

Bus stops are spaced more like every 100-200 yards in this country. Sometimes less.

This is pretty funny though, now snobbish communities are going to try to cut or prevent bus service because it brings bank robbers!

It usually takes about 20 minutes,

To get an exact description of a bank robber to marked units, and they probably found out she took a bus 60 minutes after the actual bank was robbed.

So yea, kind of hard to catch someone who took a bus 60 minutes after a call.

I guess I'm not suprised an anon like you doesn't understand that, maybe that's why bank robbers are so dumb and usually get caught? Because they think like you?

Are you mad Bro?

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I bet you posted the above comment while doing a detail on a deadend street!

that sucks!

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that not much money, especially for OT!

It does suck.

But what can you do. Sill better than a side street detail which about $30 an hour. Why not stay dry and surf the internet all day?

Hey Adam

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Someone made a mistake, no such bus as the 25, been gone since they introduced the Southampton articulated buses to the 28. Did you mean the 35?