Man who took Halloween role as a bat-wielding gang member too seriously gets tossed in prison

An Everett man was sentenced to two to three years in prison for bashing a woman in the head with a baseball bat outside North Station while dressed as a member of the Furies from "The Warriors" on Halloween, 2010, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Picardi's victim, 21 at the time, required reconstructive surgery for her skull and extensive speech, occupational and physical therapy, the DA's office says. In her victim-impact statement, the woman said:

I went from working a full-time and part-time job, having fun with my friends, doing everything on my own, to not being able to be home alone, drive, work, or even do the things I wanted to do when I wanted to do them. It was very hard to go from feeling like an independent, hardworking, carefree young woman, to feeling like a helpless, hurting child who had to learn how to live again.

Picardi, at least, saved the state the cost of a trial by pleading guilty. The DA's office says:

Had the case proceeded to trial, [Assistant District Attorney Nicholas] Walsh would have introduced evidence to prove that Picardi – wearing a costume consisting of a baseball uniform, face paint, and a wig modeled after the "Furies" gang members in the movie The Warriors – took a full swing and struck the back of the victim's head with the baseball bat. He then fled in a taxi along with three other people.



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    He gets two to three years

    She gets life.

    I guess it could be worse, though - he could have been a drunk driver or just ran her down in cold blood. Those are considered minimal offenses around here it seems.

    This woman was the victim of

    By anon on

    This woman was the victim of a vicious assault. Please don't hijack it, swrrlygrrl -- it's not about you. Have some respect.

    Not enough time

    The DA should have insisted on at least five years for aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon. Who cares if he saved the state money- he's a dangerous scumbag who ruined this lady's life for no reason at all.
    Two years is nothing. He'll probably be out by next Christmas with good behavior and all that.
    People get longer sentences than that for writing bad checks.

    You don't understand. The

    You don't understand. The criminal justice system does not exist to determine guilt and punish the guilty. The system exists in order that cases be expedited while spending the least money possible. And for all involved, the last thing they want is a jury trial. The less the public is involved in the process, the better.

    Add another judge to the

    By on

    Add another judge to the list.

    We put down "dangerous" animals for less and yet people which do far more harm are allowed to go free every day. Mind boggling!

    Let's take up a collection

    We'll bribe a prison guard into letting us flyer the jail:


    The rest will take care of itself.

    If this guy has no moral compass

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    Why do you think the other guys with similar morality issues would possibly give a shit what he did to get there?

    Remember the time Geoghan went to jail?

    You know what happened to him? His cellmate told him "no more children for you," then jumped from the top bunk onto his chest and killed him.

    I feel like "beating a woman out of her motor skills for no reason" violates the jailhouse code.


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    None of the earlier posts or linked to webpages give one. Does anyone know what happened?

    The victim got into a verbal

    By on

    The victim got into a verbal altercation with the perps girlfriend, escalted from there.