And Hingham unsubscribes from the Globe en masse

Ladies and gentlemen, your new Boston Globe editor: Brian McGrory.



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The two sides of Brian McGrory

As an editor, I think he'll do fine. Globe coverage of the city of Boston under his reign as metro editor really improved. Before him, the paper seemed like it should just rename itself the 128 Globe because it seemed to have forgotten why it was called the Boston Globe.

Which was kind of surprising, given that he once wrote a column about how city government bored him, which gets to:

Brian McGrory, prig columnist. He did occasionally write a good, gripping column that made you think, but all too often he simply succumbed to Globe Thumbsucking Disease, in which he fancied himself far more clever than he actually was (witness his always stupid Red Sox columns and his annual springtime column on why Boston sucks). Why, I once called him an idiot.

But I guess that doesn't matter now, since he's probably not going to be writing columns anymore. What will be interesting to see is if a true ink-stained wretch can preside over the Globe's continued evolution into an online news organization. The Globe did some cool online stuff with the Bowdoin-Geneva series (in particular, the Instagram photos). Will that continue?

By arrogant you mean ...

... daring to actually use and assert the rights to the roadways we are legally entitled to.

Otherwise, see Masshole bicyclus a subgroup of Masshole, the most dangerous subgroup of which is Massholeus Motorus, by any and all statistics on the subject.

Reminds me of the scene

in "Seeking a friend for the end of the world" where Steve Carell, despite being told the world is ending shortly, still goes into work.

There a nice man from HR asks the few employees left if they want to fill any recently available positions. He then asks;

"Chief Financial Officer.....anyone want to be CFO?"

It's kinda like that...