That didn't last long: Bland 'FNX replacement replaced with dance music

Evolution 101.7The chain that bought 101.7 FM from the Phoenix and turned it into Harbor 101.7, playing the same ten songs from the '90s over and over again has given up and has and outfitted the frequency with dance shoes as Evolution 101.7:

Introducing Boston's New Source For All Things Dance
Featuring David Guetta, Calvin Harris, Swedish House Mafia and more!

Which is cool, because if you put on Amp 103.3 and only hear the last ten seconds of "Titanium," now you can flip over to 101.7. Also, it's good to see that somebody's finally recognized that "Sweet Caroline" just makes you want to get up and shake your groove thing:

Sweet Caroline



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So when UHub chips in to buy

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So when UHub chips in to buy the station in a few years -does this mean we get mornings with Pete Nice? Lamentations on a mad world from SwirlyGrrl? Keeping it real with Cripes? and random turkey attack reporting from AdamG?


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with "traffic on the threes".

A long time fan of EDM and house

Its how I blew out my knees so I can't bicycle anymore. Yeah, I went to the Loft when AVB spun there. Too bad its taken Boston 25 years to get a full time electronica dance music station. We have only had sporadic shows on a few college and profit stations. I heard some of the Pete Tong show and liked it well enough to have a new favorite alternative to NPR. Wasn't trance, but better than the alternatives.

SHM is woefully

SHM is woefully underplayed/represented in Boston. A House station will be pretty badass if they program it right!

What's the best hybrid digital HD radio with best audio quality?

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What's the best tabletop or boombox hybrid digital HD radio with best audio quality?... besides at Neither Tivoli nor Bose offer hybrid digital HD radios!

So many local broadcasters offer HD radio subchannels with alternate content

Already checked

Did this just happen? I was

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Did this just happen? I was in Boston today enjoying the sweet, sweet sounds of meatloaf on the harbor. And this summer I enjoyed the station as it had no commercials.

I mean, I love dance music, and hope this is a REAL dance station (and not a Rhianna remix station), but that would be best taking over useless crap like sports talk #722.

The US has like 3 dance stations, so Boston being #4 would be cool.

RIP Miami Party 93.1, and San Francisco Beat of the Bay, and the NYC one that was also a TV station. :(


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I hate to tell you this but I turned it on this morning to give it a try and the first thing I heard was Rihanna! Next song? David Guetta. Truly groundbreaking stuff here.

Things are so bad that I've resorted to listening to D&C in the morning.

I was listening last night

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I was listening last night around 930 and it seemed to be full, uninterrupted DJ sets. My guess is that they will probably put on top 40 remixes during the day and switch to the "heavier" imported stuff at night which I suppose makes sense. I love EDM, but I'd rather not have endless thumping bass first thing in the morning.

Sounds like the format of

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Sounds like the format of 93.1 in Miami back in the day.

Daytime = remixes of britney spears and Madonna
Night = uninterrupted trance b a real dj.

I'M IN LOVE!!!!!

I listened to Evolution for 2 hours this morning and was shocked by the deep library they have of popular and not-as-popular house hits. You've got all the biggest names in house like Tiesto, Armin van Buren, Paul van Dyk, Bassjackers, SHM, M80... F'ing fantastic!!! This is quality that you rarely see in the US. This isn't just Club Kiss all the time. This is the kind of playlist that you club all night long to in Berlin.

This could become of the top stations in Boston and I'm doing everything I can to promote it.