At Porter Square ramen bar, you can get your noodles any flavor you like, as long as it's pork

Pork place

Brad Kelly reports on the Yume Wo Katare ramen bar, which replaced Zing Pizza:

This place is a foreign country. They have two items: A massive bowl of noodles with pork and a massive bowl of noodles with more pork.

See it larger for part of the window flow chart that helps you determine whether you need pork ramen or should just come back another time:

When your ramen is ready, the chef will ask "NINNIKU IREMASUKA?" This means "Do you want garlic?" This is when you can ask for extra garlic or extra pork fat (ahura).

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Looks like

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soup nazi with more signs.

Best ramen in town

Went there with a Japanese friend in November. On a Saturday night, there was a line of about 50 people waiting to get in when I arrived. There are less than 20 seats; most people sit around a giant table.

The story I was told is the owner had a small chain of ramen shops around Kyoto, and decided to open one here for local Japanese students and expatriates. They love it, and word has spread to non-Japanese that this is the real deal. The rules are odd (no doggie bags?) but it's good, and authentic.

worth the chaos

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and it's absolutely delicious. i've been there twice already and can not wait to go again. it's also only open for like 5 hours a day (5:30pm-10:30pm) tuesday through saturday.
and yes, both times i waited in the cold in a line for over a half hour. worth it.


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Good to see that Yassir at Sound Bites is expanding his reach into noodles. He is the master of managing the long line.