Woman falls or jumps into Fort Point Channel; cop dives in after her

Brian D'Amico reports a woman fell into the water from the Summer Street Bridge around 12:45 p.m. A passing Boston police officer jumped in to help the screaming woman and managed to get her a raft - to which they clung until shortly after 1 p.m., when a State Police boat arrived and fished them out - for transport to the Tea Party Museum next to the Congress Street Bridge. Two Boston firefighters also jumped into the water to help.

Boston EMS reports both woman and police officer suffered only minor injuries and possible hypothermia. Police say they firefighters also suffered hypothermia.



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    not smart

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    1)You just doubled the number of victims - particularly since you could go into cardiac arrest from the cold water, and there's no real way to know if you would or not - it's largely a roll of the dice. This endangers the existing victim by complicating their rescue.

    2)You've got a significant amount of extra weight on you from your belt, furthering the chance that you'll become a victim. Especially since cold weather saps strength within minutes.

    Heroic, but not very bright.

    how so?

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    Simply by his magical presence? Was she knocked unconscious? Unable to swim?

    I'm all for heroes, but not ones that endanger themselves unnecessarily.

    if you hamper my rescue, please do.

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    If I'm delayed getting treatment or rescue because your sorry as needs to be hauled out of the water and given CPR because you drowned...yeah. Please do stay out of the water. I'd much rather you coordinated a rescue or tried to find something to throw to me.

    One of the more important lessons in rescue situations is knowing when the hell to keep out of the situation/way, and knowing when doing nothing is better than doing "something" for the sake of doing something.

    Case and point: motorcycle crash victims. Bystanders just love to yank helmets off 'em right away, something you shouldn't do if they're still breathing. Even if they've stopped, there's no immediate danger if a rescue crew is a minute or two away. They have the tools to remove the helmet without breaking the person's spinal cord...

    Some info

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    This happened near our building at work. Given the rain and the high wind gusts, the speculation is that a gust may have caught her umbrella and sent her over the low railings on the Summer St bridge (no one saw this happen, so just a possibility).

    The Fire dept arrived and tried lowered a ladder down to her, but she was too weak to climb it. That's when the police officer jumped in and brought her over to the float. A State Police boat then showed up and got them aboard. She was pretty limp and needed to be carried/dragged onto the boat. If the cop didn't jump in, she may not have survived.

    Another theory

    There were a whole lot of people out yesterday with those gigantic SUV golf umbrellas holding them at waist height into the wind and not looking where they were going.

    I caught a man as he tripped off of a curb he didn't see because he was plowing along without looking.

    She might have very simply just walked off the edge while, ironically, trying to stay dry.

    Protip: Costco has full rain suits for modest money. Umbrellas won't keep you dry when the wind can't make up its mind.

    Hooray for Art!

    That "raft" is a work of art that has had a rotating display of things on it for much of the last year.

    Art saves lives!

    p.s. anon is right - it isn't the best idea to just jump in after someone ... throwing them something to float with is best, particularly if it has a rope or reach to it.

    Maybe we need liferings like they have along the waterfront in Ireland.

    This is basic life saving training - life guard 101.

    Great idea w/ the life rings.

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    Great idea w/ the life rings. I never noticed them in Ireland. Of course, I never had to save anyone drowning in Ireland either. Unless we count "drowning in Smithwick's."


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    The Mayor should have lifeguards assigned to every bridge in Boston to keep this from happening in the future.

    Damned if you do damned if

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    Damned if you do damned if you don't. You hippies would be up in arms if the cop hasn't jumped in.

    Just like the scene in

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    Just like the scene in Capra's "It'saWonderful Life! Great job officer. You've earned your wings!s


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    What is the Yuppie obsession with jumping into the harbor along the Seaport/Fort Point area?
    Is it possible they moved here and have never seen the ocean?