Why, yes, that was Amanda Palmer doing the Time Warp at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods last night

By Giamarie Greene, who writes:

I saw Amanda Palmer singing at a holiday karaoke at Whole Foods and asked her to sing a duet of The Time Warp with me. This is the magic that ensued.



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    So. She's resorted to

    So. She's resorted to karaoke? Guess the musicians decided it was no longer such a "privelege" to work with her---for free---while she raked in hundreds of thousands from her Internet begging.

    I read the link, and it seems

    I read the link, and it seems that *after* industry-types caught on that "crowd-sourced" musicians, ahem, volunteered their talent for "beer, hugs, merch, free tickets, and love"---but not money---Palmer and her management team decided to pay them, retroactively in some cases. At least, that's how it reads. (Am I correct in thinking this was after a Kickstarter campaign that was very profitable for her?)

    Would the opportunity to have an "appeared with" on the resume likely make a musician be willing to work for free? Even though it fucking sucks? Yeah, maybe. The things you do when you're hungry are often not terribly dignified.