Why, yes, that was Amanda Palmer doing the Time Warp at the Fresh Pond Whole Foods last night

By Giamarie Greene, who writes:

I saw Amanda Palmer singing at a holiday karaoke at Whole Foods and asked her to sing a duet of The Time Warp with me. This is the magic that ensued.



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    Oh Hell Yeah!

    Gia's innerfangirl was forever satisfied by this. Now my son is miffed that he didn't tag along and breathe the same air as Neil Gaiman.

    ...and the whosefood people are miffed too

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    Here that? That's the sound of all the 22-26 year old, over-educated, privileged, trustafarian women in JP deleting Palmer's music off their iPhone 5's.

    So. She's resorted to

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    So. She's resorted to karaoke? Guess the musicians decided it was no longer such a "privelege" to work with her---for free---while she raked in hundreds of thousands from her Internet begging.

    I read the link, and it seems

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    I read the link, and it seems that *after* industry-types caught on that "crowd-sourced" musicians, ahem, volunteered their talent for "beer, hugs, merch, free tickets, and love"---but not money---Palmer and her management team decided to pay them, retroactively in some cases. At least, that's how it reads. (Am I correct in thinking this was after a Kickstarter campaign that was very profitable for her?)

    Would the opportunity to have an "appeared with" on the resume likely make a musician be willing to work for free? Even though it fucking sucks? Yeah, maybe. The things you do when you're hungry are often not terribly dignified.

    People of Massachusetts,

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    People of Massachusetts, please hold your phones sideways when filming video! These vertical strips of video are so annoying!


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    Don't shoot video with those phones.