Citizen complaint of the day: Those sullen teenagers in hoodies

Cranky Charlestown citizen complains:

Broken beer bottles from sullen teenagers in hoodies and their public drinking. Again.

Eden Street, specifically.

H/t Brian D'Amico.



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      i live on eden street

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      they're teenagers, what did you do when you were a teenager? you hung out right? drank? smoked? i did.

      yes, they leave trash, that part sucks, i guess, for the dogs that are ruining that park anyway... the kids are mostly harmless, and their numbers increase over school holidays, but they don't really bother anyone. they have, the one time, knocked over my vespa for shits and giggles, but that's about the extent of BS i have observed from them over two years.

      i'm actually sort of impressed how impervious they are to the cold...

      your lawn, i guess we should get off it.

      Better alert the

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      Better alert the Neighbourhood Watch Alliance... it all starts with the hoodie infestation, then perchance the Living Statues, and next thing you know we'll be up to our balls in jugglers!