When Roxbury had all the time in the world

NotWhitey sets the clock back to the 1800s, when Roxbury was home to one of the world's leaders in watch and clock making.



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    So "And This Is Good Old Boston" = NotWhitey?

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    It's like finding out Superman in real life is not Clark Kent. And not Lex Luthor either. More like Jughead.

    Great blog in any event. For a while I was afraid you'd given it up so I'm very happy to see new content.

    Google finally forced me in

    Google finally forced me in to the new Blogger interface, which is painful to use when including images. I gave up posting for weeks in frustration. Is there a principle in software engineering that everything must get worse?

    Great blog

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    It's amazing how much work and craftsmanship went into building something like a clock or watch. All those small parts,with precise tolerances made by hand tools and early machine tools. Plus,I learned a new word: horological!