Good times, good times as melee erupts at Somerville hotel

WFXT reports you don't need a video arcade for a room-clearing brawl:

Nearly 100 people were inside the Night Games lounge in the Holiday Inn Express when the fight that broke out at early Friday morning.



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    Hip Hop NIght

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    Must have been all those Tuffs and Harvard kid again.

    Friend of mine

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    Friend of mine reports:

    [anon,] that story got it twisted real bad....there were only about 6 girls fighting, not 100 people brawling. FOX is out of control. And the fight was broken up 20 seconds, I know because apparently I got hit with a shoe breaking it up lol.

    I was the door man last night and took a blow to the head and a ripped shirt breaking up the fight. I know what I am talking about because I was there in the grind. There were cops from Somerville and Medford as well as State Troopers, but it was to clear the crowd OUTSIDE that we were not letting in. The crowd was already cleared when the ruckus happened at the Hess. It may have been people from the event, I dont know, but it wasn't the same fight because the people involved at the hotel were females and some were arrested. At the Hess they were males. We had no fights involving males.

    Patch: Somerville police dispute Fox25 report

    from Somerville Patch: Police Disperse Crowd After Fight at Holiday Inn

    Upton said the incident was not a "massive" brawl involving 100 people, as some reports indicated. A Fox25 headline, for instance, said "More than 100 people involved in Somerville hotel melee."

    "[It] was a large crowd but not a large fight," the deputy chief said of the incident.

    "It wasn't like people were fighting everywhere," he said.

    However, also be sure to read the comment to that article, about a subsequent fight at the nearby Hess gas station (just across the line into Charlestown):

    At about 1:15am I was woken up by a very large crowd at the hess gas station.. about 30+ people. There were cars everywhere, people trying to get in to the station to pump gas were not able to get in, it was so over-crowded. At first I wasn't sure if there was a fight or just a large group gathering after leaving a bar. Next thing, a fight breaks out then I heard one shot fired. A few people took off, but others continued to fight and 3 more shots were fired. When the police arrived (Boston, Somerville & State Police),. the rest of the people fighting took off. It did look like they may have arrested at least one person at the gas station.

    there were both males and

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    there were both males and females fighting at the hess gas station - they were like a bunch of animals.. throwing punches, throwing each other on the ground & spitting at each other. Then - it turned real nasty when someone pulled a gun - fired 4 shots. Police arrived just after the 4th shot was fired. I would like to know if there was an arrest made for sure at the hess incident. We seem to be hearing alot about the hotel incident... but no details about the hess incident. The melee started at the hess at about 1:15am.. the police did not leave the scene until 3:15am - 2 hours of questioning etc..... there has to be more info available!