Man falls down shaft on harbor island, dies

Brian D'Amico reports somebody fell 20 feet down a shaft in a quartermaster building on Peddocks Island tonight. Efforts at CPR failed and he was pronounced dead at the scene.



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    Elevator shaft? ahem

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    Shafts in the Fort buildings would not be elevator shafts, I think (except for the renovated visitors center which has an ADA elevator which is brand spanking new). And DCR doesn't have rangers on island at this time of year.

    No one except the fishing village residents should even be on island without a ranger permit or under the auspices of DCR or NPS (science and research, plus habitat restoration goes on year round), anyway. Tragic, nonetheless.

    Even more info from the

    Even more info from the Brockton Enterprise: Apparently those involved were guests of the caretaker, but it was not sanctioned by DCR. (last time I went to Peddocks when the island was closed, the rangers had to call their higher ups to get permission to let us stay to photograph, strictly exteriors of the buildings only)


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    I was lucky enough to go on a Boy Scout campout on the island 25 years ago (give or take). This was of course well before any of the recent renovations. Our scoutmaster was not the most mobile guy, so we had the run of the place. In one of the buildings, we found a wooden, hand-operated (via pulley) Otis elevator. The building was maybe 3 stories and I don't remember much else, but I remember the elevator. And I remember being glad we didn't get in it and try it out.