Somebody shoots MBTA bus with a BB gun in Roslindale

MBTA and Boston police are investigating an incident around 9:40 p.m. on Washington Street near Arboretum Road, in which two windows on a bus suffered damage from pellets.



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    Pellet gun/rifle vs BB/Airsoft gun/rifle

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    This had to have been caused by a pellet rifle, not a BB or airsoft.

    BB and airsoft are plastic ammo and shoot at low velocity. They're essentially toys, although may look quite realistic. They are often used during 'armed' robberies because they look so realistic. They're also very inexpensive. Aside from someone possibly losing a per-verbal eye, they can't hurt anyone, let alone damage glass.

    Pellet guns/rifles [also called airguns] are another story. These aren't toys, and fire real lead pellets or bbs, 17.5 and 22. They're very popular for target practice [they imitate real firearms very well for training purposes], and small game They can be quite powerful and are capable of penetrating wood and damaging glass. They're also capable of causing bodily injuries, including death, especially at close range.

    Neither BB, airsoft or pellets are illegal to own in MA, and don't require any special license, etc. You must be 18 or older to own a pellet gun or rifle, and not carry it around or shoot in public. Airsoft require an orange tip on the barrel by federal law.

    Yes, they do have some ammo

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    Yes, they do have some ammo that's metal it's generally plastic,though], as do airsoft, but they can't do any damage. Like I stated in the first post, they're low velocity, basically toys.

    Give credit to the bus driver

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    He or she deserves credit fot skillfully driver the bus without crashing when the bus came under attack whether it was a pellet gun or a pistol.