Egleston Square in the snow

Egleston Square with a theater, an el and snow

Back when Egleston Square had a movie theater and an elevated train, in 1939, as captured by Leslie Jones. Jones also photographed snow removal closer to downtown - back when the downtown skyline consisted of one building:

Single-building skyline

More Leslie Jones snow photos.

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Looks like the movie

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Was Daytime Wife with Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell.

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Double bill...

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With "Bad Little Angel" starring Virginia Weidler and Gene Reynolds, released October 27, 1939.

"Day-Time Wife" was released November 24. This movie house probably showed second-run films, meaning that both features got here a few weeks after their release date -- the first few weeks of the run was exclusively for the downtown movie palaces. Hence all the snow, probably right around Christmas.

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Great photos! Back when it

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Great photos! Back when it actually snowed on a regular basis in Boston.

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The Good Old Days

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when Boston actually removed snow from the streets, not just push it around from intersection to intersection. One of the reasons we'll never be a world class City in the Snowbelt.

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