Woman hit in face with pellet in same area T bus was shot at last night

MBTA and Boston police are investigating whether a woman struck by some sort of pellet around 1:45 p.m. today on Washington Street near Arboretum Road was shot by the same people who shot at an inbound 35 bus in the same area last night.

MBTA Transit Police report the driver of the bus last night "observed two individuals standing in a driveway who appeared to be holding a firearm," as the bus passed Archdale Road on its way to Forest Hills.

Police say two of the buses windows were "intact but completely fractured" after apparently being shot at with "an air powered BB gun."



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Time for the police patrol?

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There was a police patrol for most of the past year, 24/7, near this place where a mother and her son were killed in August 2011. I don't know if they ever achieved their goal, but clearly Boston PD has the manpower to spare to guard a trouble spot round the clock when they see fit. They should come back for a while.

Police Patrol

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A murder and 2 shooting incidents within 5 days surely requires a police presence. This has been a troubled area for a long time but apparently it's escalating - time to do something preventative before it worsens.


Do you consider BB guns a less lethal, reduced harm, improvement over firing bullets?

or just a "gateway" to a .22 cal gun and ultimately a .50 cal machine gun - much how pot smoking supposedly leads to crack, meth, and heroin, so the theory goes?

Banning BB guns

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I love the right wing "logic" that flows from the gun debate. Somehow, the conservatives equate hitting another person with a 2X4 or shooting out a window with a BB gun to being able to massacre dozens of people in a matter of minutes. Sorry, but the joke is not only not funny, it is just plain stupid. There is an obvious reason bomb making equipment is illegal - because one can kill massive amounts of people with a bomb. Get caught with a bomb, and you will be arrested, makes perfect sense.