18-wheeler on fire in O'Neill Tunnel

Firefighters went into the O'Neill Tunnel south of Clinton Street around 11:25 a.m. to extinguish a fire in an 18-wheeler carrying cardboard on the southbound side. Tunnel fans worked in quickly clearing smoke; they did nothing, however, to clear the traffic jam that quickly extended onto the lower deck:

Backup on the Zakim, on state highwaycam.Backup on the Zakim, on state highwaycam.



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    Uhub to the Rescue!

    I was trying to get into Chinatown to take the kids to Dim Sum around 11:40 or so, when everything came to a grinding halt.

    I tried some back ways, but was turned away each time.

    So I directed the offspring riding shotgun to take my phone and dig up UHub. There it was, right on the top of the front page: Truck Flambe!

    Okay ... lunch in Charlestown it is.

    True that

    Although we had three people, T is on holiday schedule, and several errands to run on the back end ... and it is usually a 12-15 minute drive at that time of day.

    For the sake of accuracy

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    The T is not on a holiday schedule today. It is not a holiday. The T is actually operating on what they call a "modified weekday schedule", which is regular weekday service with additional service after 3 PM.

    T is on a normal weekday schedule today

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    with extra service as the day goes along. But having a few errands can definitely make the T more of a hassle than it's worth.

    Why is the Mass Ave bridge closed between Cambridge and Boston?

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    Is the Mass Ave bridge closed between Cambridge and Boston? What's the a) story and b) the story behind the story about closing the Massachusetts Avenue bridge over the Charles River?... the Harvard Bridge http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harvard_Bridge



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    You would think there's enough water in the tunnels on any given day to immediately put out any fire.