Man stabbed in Allston is Boston's first murder victim

5 p.m. update: Boston Police report arresting Brian MacDonald, 24, of Allston, for the murder of Tony Spaulding. MacDonald will be arraigned tomorrow in Brighton District Court.

Boston Police report a man found stabbed around 2:40 a.m. at 48 Pratt St. died at Beth Israel Hospital.

Stanley Staco reports the man was stabbed several times during a house party and that police are looking for a man and a woman who fled the scene.

The murder is the latest violent incident in the student-heavy Gardner Street area, which has seen everything from women having their skirts lifted for photos to people being punched in the face for no discernible reason.




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First Night

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First Fight

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It was an odd scene walking

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It was an odd scene walking up Boylston around two. The north side of Boylston from Cactus Club down to the Staples was cordoned off, cops everywhere, when usually this would be crowds from McGreevey's, Pour House, etc. emptying out onto the streets.

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Boylston St

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"Full notifications" were made on the Lir/PourHouse/McGreevey's stabbing crime scene, so it was considered possible that would be first homicide.

Intitial reports had a group of 6 running from the pubs past Engine 33 to Mass Ave, having had a fight with a similar number. Whether incident spilled out of those bars is unclear, there had been a 6 on 6 fight in Copley Square area just previously which might be totally unconnected or not.

per @brianjdamico the ambulance request was for Paramedic ALS (Advanced Life Support) unit but in interest of time was transported by "BLS with a bike EMT on board to the BI [Beth Israel]. Conscious, multi stab wounds." I later heard a BPD officer report that hospital said someone would likely live, they could "call of Homicide unless they wanted to continue in". (They likely diverted to the Allston scene, which must have gotten active just as I went to sleep .)

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I was hoping to see no news likes this at all today.

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The Allston stabbing was, in fact, fatal.

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Brighton Center

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There are two apartment building cordoned off with police tape in Brighton Center at Washington and Foster Streets with police at the scene.

Any info?

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48 Pratt

Sorry for the guy who got killed - way too young. I've been wary of folks hanging around at 48 Pratt ever since this incident.

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