Man stabbed in Boylston Street brawl; homicide unit summoned

Stanley Stacos reports a man was stabbed around 1 a.m. on Boylston Street near Dalton Street and that the homicide unit was called in because of the severity of his injuries. Police were looking for a group of six people spotted running towards Mass. Ave. A large trail of blood still stained Boylston from the Pour House to the Cactus Club around noon.



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follow-up on Boylston

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Copying my comment from other stabbing thread since it's specifically relevant to this incident -

"Full notifications" were made [which includes calling Homicide] on the Lir/PourHouse/McGreevey's stabbing crime scene , so it was considered possible that would be first homicide.

Intitial reports had a group of 6 running from the pubs past Engine 33 to Mass Ave, having had a fight with a similar number. Whether incident spilled out of those bars is unclear, there had been a 6 on 6 fight in Copley Square area just previously which might be totally unconnected or not.

per @brianjdamico the ambulance request was for Paramedic ALS (Advanced Life Support) unit but in interest of time was transported by "BLS with a bike EMT on board to the BI [Beth Israel]. Conscious, multi stab wounds." I later heard a BPD officer report that hospital said someone would likely live, they could "call of Homicide unless they wanted to continue in". (They likely diverted to the Allston scene, which must have gotten active just as I went to sleep .)

Interesting, thanks. Berklee

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Interesting, thanks. Berklee has visible security cameras at 939, 921, and 899 Boylston. I suspect they'll assist D-4 in the investigation.

We must have *just* missed it

My wife and I got on the T @ Hynes just before 1:00, walking from the direction of those bars where there were a lot of people hanging outside. Glad we missed it.