Today on the Red Line: The Hokey Pokey

Dead train at Broadway and those residual delays just killed the last part of the morning commute. Erika Gordon reports on how she and some fellow commuters put their left foot in, they put their left foot out, they put their left foot in and they shook it all about:

And now we're playing musical trains. "Everyone get off of the train, there's a problem." "Alright, everyone back on, we fixed it."

At Davis, Adam Schmucker tweets:

Announcement at Davis "delays due to disabled train at Broadway." Performer on platform is singing "On Broadway."




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Same thing happened on the

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Same thing happened on the Green Line at Fenway today.

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Saw the dead train

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I was waiting at Broadway to board an Ashmont train to Fields Corner. The Braintree train that had just loaded dumped its brakes and it made it just out of the station and stopped dead for 10 minutes (as they continued to announce delays from a previous dead train at Harvard. Same one?). When the Ashmont train finally came in, they announced at Andrew that it would go express to Ashmont from JFK/UMass. I deboarded and waited for the next train. Still made it to Fields Corner to catch a bus and not be late to work. One guy on the train said he boarded at Harvard Square about 45 minutes before. Happy New Year!

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